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We are qualified in Collaborative Family Law, a mediation and negotiation process that is designed to reach settlement of issues outside of the court system. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping clients successfully navigate the difficult process of family change.

A caring approach
By its very nature, family law is emotional and often crisis driven. We can help you cope with the barrage of emotions and problems encountered in divorce and child custody cases, bankruptcies and estate work.

We are sensitive to the difficulties that can arise during family disputes and are there to lead you through the process.

We understand how difficult it can be for people to weather family conflicts and the legal disputes that may arise.

Alternate Dispute Resolution
Our lawyers have extensive experience in litigation - or taking cases to court. However, we are also qualified in Collaborative Family Law and are skilled in mediation. We will assist you in resolving disputes.

To ease the way, we make every effort to ensure that our clients are well informed when it comes to making decisions about their lives.

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